Urban Upbound aims to facilitate inter-generational wealth and foster community revitalization through organizing all the social networks in our communities to provide optimal service delivery. To do this, Urban Upbound brings together resident leaders, community-based organizations, clergy, local businesses and elected officials in our communities.

Queens Community Partnership Network:

In collaboration with the Queens Library, Urban Upbound leads the Queens Community Partnership Network (QCPN), which organizes 70 community partners to collaborate and work towards the overarching goal of benefiting the community.

Community Advisory Board:

Urban Upbound has established a Community Advisory Board comprised of tenant association presidents from all the public housing developments that Urban Upbound serves. The Community Advisory Board meets monthly to ensure that Urban Upbound’s services are meeting the needs of public housing residents.

The Urban Upbound Merchants Association:

 In 2010, Urban Upbound organized local business owners to form the area’s first Merchants Association. Serving public housing neighborhoods in Western Queens, this association is the first of its kind. Today the 80 members of the Urban Upbound Merchants Association offer local residents a full array of goods and services. These merchants also create jobs in the neighborhood, as most employers hire locally.