#BeTheFirst Fashion Guru and Community Volunteer

#BeTheFirst Fashion Guru and Community Volunteer

Tyrone Freeman first came to Urban Upbound over five years ago.  After working in high-end fashion and operations for over 30 years, he found himself unemployed and unfamiliar with the job seeking process.  With the help of his Urban Upbound Career Counselor, Tyrone perfected his resume, updating it to include his work experience, contact information, and skills.  Tyrone took full advantage of everything Urban Upbound had to offer, regularly meeting with his counselor, attending workshops, and using the computer lab to apply for jobs.  After several months, and with the help of an unlimited MetroCard to go to interviews, he was offered a position at K&G Fashion Superstore, where he has been given additional sales responsibilities and continues to work today, managing two stores and working with top clients and celebrities.

Tyrone’s story is admirable, but it does not end there.

He connected on a personal level to Urban Upbound’s efforts to break cycles of poverty in public housing neighborhoods, and now works with Career Counselor Seekqumarie to advise clients on interview attire and how to dress well with limited funds.”  Seekqumarie appreciates Tyrone’s help:  “It’s great to have the tips and skills for the interview, and have clothing to complement what they’re saying and the quality of their resume. Tyrone increases clients’ confidence by empowering them with clothes that make them feel good.” Tyrone has also volunteered for Urban Upbound’s Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEEN) events, again sharing his expertise on how to dress for one’s body and how to dress to get the job. He states, “I like to give back and help others get good jobs too.”

Tyrone’s experience with Urban Upbound has come full circle.  Once a participant, he is now our partner, sharing his expertise with clients to support them on a path to economic mobility.

Tyrone’s success has been featured on the New York Times Neediest Cases.