Joanne Butler

Joanne Butler

Joanne Butler calls the Urban Upbound Federal Credit Union a “caring institution.” She opened a savings account at the credit union in 2012 after hearing about it from an Urban Upbound financial counselor. Since then she’s been religiously saving 20% of her income.

“It’s a good start for me, a good stepping stone,” Ms. Butler said. “They don’t just take your money. They show you how you can make your money grow.”

To date Ms. Butler has saved over $1,500. She even opened an account for her grandson to teach him the importance of saving money.

And she tells everyone who will listen why they should become a member of the credit union. Partly thanks to word of mouth, the Urban Upbound Federal Credit Union now has nearly 1,200 members.

“I’m fighting for my financial life and I’m fighting for a healthy life,” she said. “I think I can do both.” she said.